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Nelson Mandela and Transformational Leadership

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Select a recent article from current events (past 90 days) related to transformational leadership.
Write a well-written, two paragraph summary of the article. Include the following:

A paragraph summarizing the primary components of the article.
A paragraph presenting your analysis of the article and how it is related to our reading this week about the role of leadership in organizational development.

Please use parenthetical citations as well as references for your article.

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Article of choice: http://www.inc.com/paul-schoemaker/what-made-mandela-a-transformational-leader.html

A paragraph summarizing the primary components of the article.

This article gives an outlook on how Nelson Mandela was able to transform a nation. He not only suffered a great deal by being imprisoned for 27 years but his family was robbed from the success his legacy demonstrated that he could have achieved. When released Mandela automatically forgave everyone that had forsaken him and put it in the past in order to move forward with life. This article shows how a man with such a large heart was able to transform a nation from the way they perceived other nations to how ...

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This article will provide information around transformational leadership and how it compares to Nelson Mandela's history.

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