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Abraham Lincoln and Persistence

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In what ways did Abraham Lincoln overcome adversity and achieve success? In what ways does Abraham Lincoln represent the concept of "persistence"?

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Abraham Lincoln first began to persevere and overcome obstacles when in 1816, he and his family were forced out of their home with nowhere to live. Two years following that, Abraham had his own business that failed. Things did not continue to get better for Lincoln and his family. In 1831 he ran for a position in the government and was defeated and in 1832, lost his job and was unable to get accepted to any law school that he applied to. Never during this time did Abraham Lincoln give up his dream of becoming involved in the United States political system. In 1832, following the failure of his business and him losing ...

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This solution discusses how President Abraham Lincoln defied the odds of becoming president and how his journey to becoming President of the United States is a true example of persistence. All references used are included.