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Global Leader comparisons: Identify characteristics and abil

Select a current global business leader who is an excellent role model of essential global and multicultural leadership characteristics. Compare and contrast the model leader's abilities with a global leader that does not fit with the ideals of a model global business leader. Identify characteristics of each leader that correspond to specific examples identified in the lives and careers of the leader. I just need help to get started on this project because it has had me stumped for a few days now.

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// The question requires you to choose any two leaders one from the current business world and another global leader. To get a good mix and comparison I have chosen Abraham Lincoln and Bill Gates. I have provided you with a brief introduction to the two people and this can be used as an outline and can be expanded upon. //

Bill Gates:
Bill Gates is the current chairman of Microsoft Company and has been ranked to be the wealthiest person in the world. He has been known to be one of the biggest revolutions in the computer industry. Bill Gates has built a strong image for himself and has grown to be recognised as the best entrepreneurs in the world. He has set down examples, is admired by many as well as has been criticized for his style of business (Lesinki, 2006). There have been mixed views on his style of working and he has been criticized of being anti competitive.

Abraham Lincoln:
Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States he is one of the strongest leaders of the country, who has been able to move the country out of the internal crisis. Lincoln is remembered to be a very strong leader with a strong influence on his people and his country. Abraham Lincoln has left a strong mark for himself in terms of the leadership and ideals (McPherson, 2009). There have been a number of books and ...

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The leaders chosen for this paper are Bill Gates and Abraham Lincoln. The solution provides a brief introduction to the two leaders. A detailed explanation of the leadership style of the two individuals has also been included. A total of 955 words and 5 references has been provided.