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    Thoughts on Reconstruction

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    What were its successes of the Reconstruction era? Where were the missed opportunities? Also, think about the West. How has your understanding of the West changed as a result of our study?

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    The success of reconstruction was arbitrary depending on how you look at things. The goal of reconstruction was to rebuild after the Civil War. There are many that see reconstruction as a failure due to the fact that most of the old South remained the same except for the institution of slavery.

    The Southern states had been crippled by the war. The landscape showed the signs of the battles that had been fought on it (destroyed property, lack of industry, etc.). The goal of reconstruction was to stimulate the economy in the South. The problem with that was that prior to the war, the Southern states had very little industry in the first place; they were producing raw product on plantations, but didn't have the facilites to refine those products for the market. All the industry was in the ...

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    This following discusses the successes and failures of Reconstruction following the Civil War. There were many goals that the reconstruction program were meant to address after the conclusion of the Civil war, but as the following will show, success was far from being achieved and many of the leaders in the South prior to the Civil War found themselves i npower again afterwards.