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Civil War and Reconstruction

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Why did the republican controlled North win the Civil war and why did the republican controlled North lose the Reconstruction? I need to write a three page paper. Looking for help with establishing an arguement and supporting it with facts.

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The reasons why the North won the war are fairly straight forward.
<br><br>You might want to investigate:
<br><br>1)The population figures - I dont know them offhand, but the north outnumbered the south by at least 3 to 1 and a substantial part of the southern population were slaves.
<br><br>2)The industrial capacity of the north - the south was primarily agricultural and lacked the industrial capacity to wage a long-term war of attrition with the north. As the war went on, the south got progressively weaker in manpower and resources. Logistically speaking, it was harder and harder for the south to compete and this is why Lee's short invasions of the North both ended badly (Antietam, Gettysburg). The Union blockade of southern ports further weakened the south.
<br><br>3)The political strength of the north - Lincoln was able to appeal to border states through the desire of most to preserve the Union. He was also able to wage a moral war once the Emancipation Proclamation made clear that ending slavery was a war aim. With this move, he was able to end the hopes of the Confederacy for foreign support. The British Empire, for instance, was sympathetic to the south (and imported a lot of cotton before the war) - but had long ago abolished the slave trade. The North was able to keep the south politically isolated in this manner.
<br><br>Some reasons why reconstruction failed:
<br><br>First of all - one could argue that ...

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