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Post-Reconstruction Attempts to Limit Political Voice

Examine the impact of immigration on the need for post-Reconstruction period legislators to create policies. Provide at least two (2) reasons why white politicians saw other minority groups as a threat and acted to limit their freedoms. Provide a rationale for your response.

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The Southern Democrat found himself in a position of intense anger and frustration as a result of Reconstruction. He was bound to create policies that saw minority groups as a threat because the Southern Democrat found himself under siege as a result of Reconstruction. The national focus of Reconstruction policies that attacked and uniformly implemented measure to lessen the power of local governments helped create a mindset within the Southern Democrat of fear and mistrust. The Northern industrialization had made its way throughout the nation as it moved from farms to factories. It began to present itself in the South, where the once proud culture of the ...

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This solution discusses the nature of post-Reconstruction attempts to limit political voice of "the other".