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    Reconstruction and the New South:US History

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    Evaluate what was meant by the term New South

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    Reconstruction and the New South

    Reconstruction was the period in American History that immediately followed the Civil War. This period was a difficult one as with the South losing to the North, the nation had to be 're-ordered' to put it together as one entity again following a bitter and bloody conflict that divided it. According to Brinkley (2008), "To many white Southerners, Reconstruction was a vicious and destructive experience—a period when vindictive Northerners inflicted humiliation and revenge on the defeated South. Northern defenders of Reconstruction, in contrast, argued that their policies were the only way to prevent unrepentant Confederates from restoring Southern society to what it had been before the war. To most African Americans at the time, and to many people of all races since, Reconstruction was notable for other reasons." This is because while reconstruction did not have any immediate effect in pushing for equality and justice in the lives and treatment of ordinary African Americans at the time - it established precedents that led ...

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