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    International Business Communication and Culture

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    MATS has tele-employees (employees who work remotely through e-mail and other forms of communication) all over the world with cultural backgrounds from both high and low context cultures. Karl wants you to design a presentation that will be delivered virtually to help different cultures understand each other better.

    Your presentation should address how MATS employees could understand each other better by understanding high context cultures and low context cultures. Address these main points:

    Define and describe high context culture. Be sure to give an example.
    Define and describe low context culture. Be sure to give an example.
    Discuss how an individual's culture affects perception about knowledge, credibility, and trustworthiness.
    How does the perception of relationships in both cultures influence work relationships?
    What might be difficult for new members coming into a specific culture?
    How can MATS use this knowledge to communicate more effectively with each other

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    //Communication among several Cultures is very difficult; as managing remote employees is very tough. Here, I would describe how an Organization working in Remote Countries can maintain smooth communications. Firstly we'll start with a brief introduction wherein, we'll introduce the topic. //

    Managing Remote Employees

    MATS Tele employees are from different cultures and work remotely, it is essential for them to understand each other better through trust, smooth communication and respecting each other's culture. To manage the employees, company makes heavy use of technology to work with remote employees and to interact with suppliers, managers. Success of the company totally depends on the cooperation and smooth communication of employees that are miles apart from each other. They do not meet physically and operate from different places. Need of remote employees arises due to several reasons as geographical boundaries are difficult to be reduced, to reduce time and costs of traveling.

    Other reasons are that many companies need skills of experienced and professional people who do not desire to move from their place. Remote employees are also coordinated and managed in case of acquisition of company. These employees play an important role when operations require much traveling from long distances and due to borderless business operations. If company has method of business which involves contacting customers for their problems and inquiry of remote employees should be managed effectively.

    In manufacturing companies, remote employees cannot be managed as there is a continuous process of production. MATS Tele can work effectively if they have a clear purpose, complete the assigned work with responsibility and work without ...

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