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Cultural Environment of International Business: Skills, Qualities

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Project Assignment is to prepare a paper on the learning you have acquired regarding the Cultural Environment of International Business. Explain how you see understanding culture is a critical part of the management process and identify the qualities and management skills that an effective international business manager should have.

Use APA-formatted references.

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I have completed an outline of ideas for this paper. You can find support in your text and other sources. Each of these paragraphs identifies and outlines a cultural aspect of management or managers. A few examples, ideas, or experiences will help you finish the essay. You will want to include a conclusion and if necessary change the paragraphs to make the essay more cohesive for your needs.

Explain how you see understanding culture is a critical part of the management process and identify the qualities and management skills that an effective international business manager should have.

Culture, that indefinable and yet perfectly natural part of life, is important because the people that work for the company come to work with these cultural bonds. Culture starts in the home, moves into the community, and is what people identify with in terms of their life and choices. While many cultures have similarities, there are many differences as well. For a company, this can mean balancing the needs of the people with the needs of the company to bring about success. Knowing how culture works, both of the people and of the company, is vital to company success.

Multinationals learn quickly that culture of different regions is not always compatible with other locations ...

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The cultural environment of international businesses are examined.

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The behaviour of organisations in their market environment.


Select an international business organization operating in any commercial industry to examine the key elements highlighted in the following figure, which actually reflects on the correlation amongst the market forces, structure of the market, business and cultural environment; international trade policies and regulations imposed by the relevant authorities and global influences, within that particular industry; and
provide a detailed analysis of the impact of those factors on the decision making, behavior and performance of that organisation.

Structure & Forces of the Market
(i) Number of firms
(ii) Product differentiation
(iii) Entry/exit conditions
(iv) Mobility of resources
(v) Dissemination of information
(vi) Supply and Demand
(vii) Business and Cultural environment
International Trade Policies & Regulations
Global Influences
Conduct/behavior of the firm
(i) Strategic decisions
(ii) Market Research and Analysis
(iii) Pricing policy
(iv) Product decisions
(v) Operational decisions
(vi) Resource planning
(vii) Research and development
(viii) Company's Code of Conduct
(ix) Human Resource Policies
Performance of the firm
(i) Profitability
(ii) Growth
(iii) Market share
(iv) Competitive ability
(v) Sales turnover

Discuss correlation of Number of firms, Product differentiation, Entry/exit conditions, Mobility of resources, Dissemination of information and the firm's Pricing policy, Operational decisions, Sales turnover, Profitability and the Competitive ability of the business organisation.

Explain how the dynamics of Supply and Demand affect the organisation's Strategic, Product and Operational decisions as well as the Market share, Growth and Competitive ability.

Explain how the business and cultural environment within which the organisation functions would shape up the firm's Strategic decisions, Research and development, Product and Operational decisions, Market Research & analysis and Resource planning,

Discuss the importance of International Trade for the business organisation in terms of Growth and Profitability and also analyse how the Global influences, International Trade Policies and Regulations imposed by the relevant trade authorities' impact the firm's Human Resource Policy and Company's Code of Conduct.

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