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    International Teaching Placement

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    Please help with the following questions, hypothetically:

    (a) Why you would wish to undertake the international practice teaching placement in Jamaica (Kingston)
    (b) The qualities one should have that will ensure success in a challenging practice teaching placement and environment, especially your resiliency and your capacity to get along with other people,
    (c) What one would hope to learn and accomplish in the placement,
    (d) Any additional information you think will demonstrate suitability for an international placement.
    Maximum length is one page. Please use 12 point font - single spaced, minimum 1-inch margins.

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    Although you will need to use your own skills and talents for this subjective assignment, I can provide you with an Illustrative Example to use as an exemplar for writing your final copy.

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    I would undertake the international practice teaching placement In Jamaica for two major reasons. First, increasingly teachers must be prepared to teach diverse student populations. In fact, most teacher accreditation standards explicitly require that teacher candidates develop a knowledge base of theory, research, and effective instructional practices through direct experiences teaching diverse populations of students. Consequently, teachers who develop such a knowledge base are better prepared to modify and adapt instruction for all learners, ...

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    Through an illustrative example and by answering the suggested questions, this solution provides a one-page report demonstrating suitability for an international teaching placement.