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    International trade guidelines and information

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    In this module, you will research information related to international finance, documents, and logistics.

    Without financial resources, your company will not be able to purchase goods and services. In your opinion, how does a company finance international transactions?

    When dealing with foreign countries, financial transactions can be risky. Before your company ships goods to a company located in La Republica de Caspa, you need to ensure that the foreign country will pay your company for the goods. Similarly, if your company orders goods from a company located in Russavia, you need to ensure that your company will receive the products it ordered instead of boxes filled with rocks.

    Research letter of credit transactions, the uniform customs and practice for documentary credits (UCP), sources of trade financing, and other topics related to finance. Interview someone involved in international finance at your company. Prepare a paper evaluating the various methods of financing and the risks of financial transactions when buying and selling goods and services to foreign countries.

    In addition, research the documents involved in international transactions. Provide the names and purposes of the most important documents. Analyze the legal requirements for these documents. Relate the use of Incoterms to import and export contracts. Considering the audience of your practical guide, include copies of documents for reference in your guide.

    The final part of this module's paper should address the transportation of goods. What laws govern the transportation of goods from one country to another? Analyze the roles and responsibilities of the buyer, seller, carrier and freight forwarder? Evaluate which party is liable in the event goods are damaged in transit. Interview someone from risk management at your company to obtain information related to insurance and risk management.

    Also, analyze how finance, documents, and logistics are affected by culture, ethics, and e-commerce. Make note of any pending regulations or laws that could affect your company in the future.

    Write a 2-4 page paper showing your research on finance, documentary requirements, and logistics. Include links, references, and sources you have used and follow the proper guidelines for citing legal texts. Also provide a statement regarding which specific topics related to your research would be appropriate for inclusion in the International Business Law and Practices Guidelines document you are developing. Provide a rationale for your decisions.

    Present your work in Microsoft Word document format.

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    International Trade Finance Overview:

    A company can finance international transactions via several means of trade finance options available via financial institutions. Banks charge a fee to provide various kinds of trade finance services to organizations engage in international trade, be it exports or imports, such as letter of credit, bill collection and discounting, buyer's credit, packing credit, pre-shipment finance, etc. Each of these trade finance services is suitable for different scenarios or situation can be used to address financial needs of the organization in different situations. Factoring or invoice discounting is another form of trade finance that allows exporters to discount their invoices. Further, there are export credit agencies, multilateral institutions and development banks that also provide finance to firms engage in international trade in order to boost cross border trade between nations or to facilitate import and export between nations.

    These trade finance options allows exporters and importer to not only secure necessary financing for carrying out their trade, but also provide security in international trade transactions. For example, letter of credit is an instrument issued by a bank on behalf of importer that promises to pay the exporter upon presentation of the shipping documents or in other words, in fulfillment of the terms of the conditions of the contract. There are different types of LC's, such as Usance LC, Payable at Sight LC, etc. Hence, LC provides a secure mechanism to facilitate international trade among buyers and sellers. Similarly, preshipment credit is a form of financing that allows exporters to obtain working capital for supporting production of goods for exports. It helps in meeting their short term financing requirement for exports. Banks can also provide short term loans and financing to meet the day to day working capital requirement of exporters. Exporters also ask for advance payment from importers to secure their transaction, in case they are worried about the credibility of the importer. ...

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