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Chinese International Trade

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Find out as much as you can about the international trade of China

1. Answer the following two questions in a 2 page paper and post it by the end of this module. Please be sure to use the proper paper format.

Visit these websites:

World Bank Data from Indicators: Exports, ODA, Services, Goods, Imports http://worldbank.org

Globalization Index: http://globalization.kof.ethz.ch/

World Trade Organization: http://wto.org

Determine how international trade affects how easy it is for your country to do business.

SLP 2 Assignment Expectations

Continue to write about China from Module 1.
Write 2 pages discussing the type(s) of international trade aspects of China.
Illustrate how open or not China is to international trade. List supporting references and cite sources.
Use appropriate writing style (organization, grammar, & spelling- see Writing Guidelines).

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One of the interesting things about the international trade aspects of China, is the fact that the Chinese make a tremendous effort to ensure that their trade ratio or trade balance, remains in their favor. What this essentially means is that China has consistently sought to ensure that they have exported at least as many products as the import. This provides this nation with the means by which to economically finance their purchase of foreign products, with the profits that they receive from the sales of their outsourced products. This is an interesting financial concept that helps this nation to be able to be able to efficiently than finance ...

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This solution discusses important aspects of Chinese international trade.

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