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International Trade Commission

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Thirty furniture makers in the United States recently asked the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) to impose high tariffs on Chinese makers of wooden products in the U.S. market extremely low prices. The U.S. manufacturers claimed that the Chinese imports single-handedly sent their industry into a deep tailspin. The Chinese factory owners contend their low-cost furniture is the result of taking a labor-intensive product and building it with low-priced workers in high-tech modern factories (Adapted from Scarborough & Zimmerer, 2006, p. 399).

Your group's 7-10 slides with in-depth speaker notes (note: the 7-10 slides/speaker notes excludes the title page and reference list) presentation should discuss the following:

Identify the stakeholders in this trade dispute?
Define and explain exporting and importing of goods?
What are the consequences for each stakeholder likely to be if the ITC were to impose tariffs on Chinese furniture?
What impact do tariffs have on international trade?
If you served on the International Trade Commission, what factors would you consider in making your decision? Why?
How would you vote in this case? Explain in-depth.

Your report MUST include a reference list

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// Before writing about the International Trade Commission, it is required to ponder over the factors that makes it difficult to exercise any agency. So firstly I am beginning with the introduction to the International Trade Commission.//

International Trade Commission


This paper gives a detailed analysis of International Trade Commission, which is an US agency. In the present scenario, to exercise any agency is not an easy task, as it requires an in-depth study of the key variables, which are important for the successful implementation of the decisions. To develop decisions regarding the agency's activities is a critical task. There is an in-depth description of factors, which are required to consider while developing decisions for the International Trade Commission.

International Trade Commission

International Trade Commission is an autonomous federal agency, which focuses on the matters and issues of trade at international level. This commission handles the various issues associated with the disputes of intellectual property rights. The commission adjudicates the illegal infringement of the import activities. In this commission, trade related data are collected and ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 596 words with references.

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