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International Trade: Columbia

1. international trade issues and how they impact Columbia and how it pursues doing business with other countries.
2. Determine how international trade affects how easy it is for Columbia to do business.

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Issues related to International Trade

An increase in the activities related to globalization makes the countries, market and people more beneficial that also force them to eliminate the barriers for coming much closer (Yager, 2003). This situation increases the international trades that helps the related business organizations to increase their number of customers and make huge profits. Hence, this situation also develops a thought that huge production would help to earn huge profitability (United Nations Environment Programme, 2005). As a result, the business organizations employ some business practices such as child labor, increment in working hour, low salary structure, copy of branded products in their workplace that helps them to produce economical products at below the standard price.

Hence, these business practices also increase several issues related to human rights, interchange of wealth, environmental concerns and flow of human capital to the concerning organizations that affect the profitability consideration of their business owners (Zhang, 2008). Sometimes, the government of a country also makes several changes in their business policies as like changes in market structure, factories, categorize human capital on the basis of wages, increment in exports, exchange rates of currency, sanction, and duties over products to remain the rights of local businesses (Ahearn, 2011). Hence, these types of governmental interference also increase the international trade issues. Therefore, in the concern of global business agreements, it could be stated that international trade issues are those issues that work on the level of international market and affect the profitability of business organizations.

Impact of International Trade Issues over Colombia
Colombia is a large producer of flower and agricultural based products that facilitates the most of its countryman to earn financial benefits. Due to business agreement with other countries, Colombian is also facing the ...

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The expert examines international trade issues and how they impact Columbia. How international trade affects how easy it is for Columbia to do business is determined.