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    International Marketing: Coca Cola

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    For Coca-cola:

    1.Identify the relevant controllable and uncontrollable elements that the company has dealt with in entering a global market.
    2.Using resources from the Library's full-text databases, discuss the major sources of risk facing the company within its international markets? Discuss 2 potential solutions.
    3.Critique the overall corporate strategy, including 2 most recent events in the life of the corporation.

    Report should contain an abstract, a short introduction, and conclusion in addition to the body of the paper.

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1892 words with references.

    // This paper is focused on the international research on Coca Cola Company. It briefly discusses about the challenges it faced during the expansion into new global markets. It gives description about the overall corporate strategy of the company. Coca Cola is vigilant about the risk management importance.//


    The paper discusses about Coca Cola company and market strategies to capture the global market. It focuses on the overall corporate strategy adopted by the company to win the hearts of the customers and to train employees to be effective and efficient. The paper is about controllable and uncontrollable in global environment and the challenges it will face in international market.

    Brief Introduction of the company:

    Coca-Cola Company is known for carbonated soft drinks that are sold in stores, restaurants, and vending machines in more than 200 countries. The Coca Cola Company is based in Atlanta, Georgia and had registered trademark in the late 19th century in March 27, 1944. Coca Cola is a carbonated soft drink and the company is also famous by the name coke.

    Coke was brought out by Asa Griggs Candler, a businessman with brilliant marketing tactics that led coke to dominate the world with soft-drink throughout 20th century. The bottlers have a contract with the company and produce finished product in cans and bottles from the concentrate in combination with filtered water and sweeteners. The bottlers, after filling the bottles, sell and distribute or merchandise the bottles to the retail stores and open vending machines. The company offers the product to the soda fountains, restaurants, food service stations. They have introduced new products every now and then to remain competitive in the market. Some other soft drinks introduced by the coca-cola company on occasions are Diet coke, Caffeine free coca-cola, Coca- cola cherry, Coca-cola vanilla. Coca Cola became world's most valuable brands. Coca cola was first in bottles in the year 1894 March 12. The advertisement on outdoor walls was painted in Carters ville, Georgia ( The Coca Cola System, 2006).

    Changed strategy of coke:

    Coca cola with full on energy and publicity attempted to change the formula of the drink with "New Coke" The changed strategy was successful as taste test revealed that people preferred the taste of new coke compared to coke and Pepsi. A coin has two sides and so does the strategy too. The negative part was that the management was not prepared for public memories of old drink that lead to back lash. In order to overcome this, the company had to return to its old formula under the name of Coca-Cola classic on July 10, 1985.

    //The sections deals with the controllable and uncontrollable elements that the company have to face when it enters a global market. The company should be ready to fight the contingencies and bring strategies to overcome problems.//

    Controllable and uncontrollable elements that the company has dealt with in entering a global market: ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1892 words with references.