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    Coca-Cola marketing across generations

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    Discuss a product that has been marketed across generations. How did the marketing differ among generations? (For example, cell phones are marketed one way to baby boomers and a different way to generation Ys.) With which generation was the marketing effort most successful and why?

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    Coca-Cola is an example of a product that has been marketed across generations. The company has developed diverse marketing techniques to make their products more appealing to a younger generation. According to marketing research, younger generations will pay more attention to consumer products when they are advertised in a modern and 'hip' way. For example, Coca-Cola united with iTunes, so that whenever someone purchased a Coca-Cola product they would receive free songs to promote both products (Fuhrman, 2007). Since younger ...

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    This solution explores how Coca-Cola has been marketed across different U.S. generations.