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    Protecting Workers in a Company

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    Companies work in tough areas of the world on a daily basis. These companies often make it work short of pulling out of the country. Look at the oil and gas companies in Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq. These are extraordinarily dangerous places to operate, but they make it work. How? What are they doing that we're not seeing in Colombia?

    How can businesses protect or hire security to protect workers?

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    The main difference between Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Columbia is that the three countries where oil and gas companies flock to are not facing an insurgency that threatens to derail the entire government. Iraq would be the most similar to Columbia in regard to instability emanating from insurgents but global companies didn't enter into Iraq's gas and oil fields until the 2004 invasion by America. Therefore, these companies have had the benefit of protective measures provided by private security and the U.S. military. In Nigeria, the biggest threat is from citizens that are aghast at the little amount of money trickling down from oil production, and therefore, these people sabotage and ...

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    This solution discusses how businesses can protect or hire security to protect workers.