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Ethics and competitive advantage

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In this debate I have to argue in support of the following statement:

Corporations will be expected in the future to "build a better future" - not only for their shareholders but also for their customers, workers, business partners, community, nation, and the wider world. Those with effective business ethics based on this core value will have an added competitive advantage: attracting and retaining talent and generating positive reactions in the marketplace.

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This is neither a new concept nor an invalid one. Media and public relations often are at odds about the corporate responsibility of many of the world's largest globalized companies. The need for social responsibility is not just entering the conversation, but has taken hold and is expected in terms of how a company is perceived. Many people today are conscious of the "good behavior" of a company and many will choose one company over another based on this perception.

Examples of companies ...

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A discussion of whether effective business ethics are a competitive advantage.

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