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China's Rapid Economic Growth

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I need some help formulating a response on the major current economic events in china relating to the economic impact on growth and international resources and trade.

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When we analyze current news for China in relation to their economic growth, we have to focus on the recent news that has developed within the past few months regarding the Chinese economy. China has the second largest economy in the world, second to the United States. The growth of the Chinese economy has been extensive in the past decade. This had several advantages, like fueling every aspect of their economy and greatly increasing the level of household wealth in the economy. Industries and investment alike reaped the rewards of the economic increase. However, as of April of 2012, it was reported that the Chinese economy was at the slowest growth rate that they have experienced in more than three years (BBC, ...

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This solution discusses the major economic events in China relating to the economic impact on growth and international resources and trade.

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