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Japanese way of negotiation

It has been suggested that negotiation processes can be divided into four
stages in any culture. Within this framework, what patterns and practices of negotiation appear to be distinctly "Japanese"? Be sure to include (along with other possible items) timing, persuasive tactics, questioning and information exchange, the roles of the negotiating team in the decision-making process, and the management of impasse situations. What is it about the Japanese patterns and practices that is different from those in other countries, e.g. the U.S.?


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Let us discuss Japanese way of negotiation step by step according to four phases of negotiation process.

1.Non-task-sounding out

At this stage they don't open up the real topic. They talk about casual things and try to bring up something they have in common. It is a get-to-know stage.

It's a good policy to refrain from discussing business until the first few minutes of any conversation, unless your Japanese companion says "Jitsu wa ne..." ["the fact of the matter is..."]
Getting acquainted is the purpose of the initial meetings

2.(task related) Information exchange

This is the longest part with Japanese. They exchange all the information and tune the differences. It is the critical part to Japanese. Some staff will have unofficial meetings (drink together) to resolve any gaps.

You may find that your Japanese counterparts will not be specific about what they expect from you.

For a persuasive presentation, you must describe how your product can enhance the prosperity and reputation of the Japanese side. Making these claims effectively requires a thorough knowledge of Japanese economy, business, and product lines. You must know the Japanese value, not the US, UK, German, French or Italian value but the Japanese value of your product or service before you can negotiate a win-win relationship (Example of persuasive techniques)

It is also a good strategy to emphasize the size and wealth of your company. If your organization is an older, venerable institution, this fact should be frequently mentioned, too.

Convening among themselves, the Japanese will go over your proposal in painstaking detail. Often, they will review every sentence you uttered in the course of the discussion until they are satisfied they have understood your exact meaning.


This is the time when ...

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Japanese way of negotiation