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    Elements of Culture in Australia, Libya, and Canada

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    a. Describe elements of culture that might affect how you would negotiate a contract with a business person from both countries and from your own country. Describe the following three countries: Australia, Libya, Canada
    b. Explain how misunderstanding or ignoring this element of culture might adversely affect contract negotiations with a business person from those countries.
    c. Write a plan on how you would respect the culture in negotiations.

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    a. The elements of culture that will affect negotiation are as follows. According to Geert Hofstede, the power distance for Australia is 36 whereas it is 39 for Canada but 80 for Libya. This means that in Australia people are viewed as equals whereas in Libya hierarchies are very important. From the perspective of negotiation, negotiators from Australia/Canada should give special importance to the hierarchical position of the negotiator from Libya. The individualism score for Australia is 90 and for Canada it is 80 whereas the individualism score for Libya is 38. This means that Libya is a collectivist society. While negotiating with people from Libya, the Canadian/ Australian negotiator should see that the Libyan should not lose face. Next according to Geert Hofstede, the uncertainty avoidance score for Libya is 68 whereas the score for Australia is 51 and Canada is 48. The implications are that during the main ...

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