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    International Relations

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    What is the general negotiation practice in the U.S.?

    How do negotiation practices in the U.S. Compare to that of China and India?

    What are some strategies that are used to manage risk, negotiation process, and decision-making.

    In answering these questions, I need an analysis of the the influence of cultural factors on risk propensity and decision-making.

    Also, an analysis of the strategies to manage negotiation process in three named different countries.

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    What is the general negotiation practice in the U.S.?

    Many find it difficult to come up with a description of negotiation styles for the U.S. It is independent, often aggressive, and can be considered as risky. There is an element of impatience when compared to Eastern styles of negotiation. The overall styles is to be focused, negotiate the contract at hand, and to become frustrated by any other subjects outside of this. Americans are looking to win the goal, or at least get close to the overall expectation or best alternative.

    How do negotiation practices in the U.S. Compare to that of China and India?

    China has some unique negotiation techniques because they are instilled with the issue of face and face saving, but are also concerned with winning as defined in The Art of War (Sun Tzu). The negotiation is not limited to meetings, but includes visits, dinners, and parties. To not participate is seen as insulting and can ruin a relationship. The relationship is the important part for the Chinese negotiator. However, if a negotiator lest them lead all the time, planning the parties, controlling the meeting, the negotiator will be seen as weak and vulnerable, or inexperienced. The Art of War is a strategy based book and the Chinese swear by its strategies, though often focus on the deception as being a good tactic.

    India has ...

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