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Integration of Networks

Can you assist with these two questions in at least 150 words each?

What type of issues do you think businesses will face with integration of cellular and wi-fi networks for mobile business users?

What is the integration of VOIP and WLAN. What are some of issues that need to be overcome, and what security issues needs to be addressed?

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Network Concepts

* According to Network World, "The convergence of desktop and mobile phones into a single, go-anywhere gadget that works on multiple wireless networks may seem just around the corner; however, real, large-scale deployments are still a long way off, according to IT professionals and vendors at Interop."
Reference: http://www.networkworld.com/news/2006/092006-fixed-mobile-convergence.html

Although there are ...

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This solution discusses the issues with the integration of cellular and wi-fi networks as well as the VOIP/WLAN network. It touches on security issues and hacking. All references used are included.