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    Company Integration Process Case Project 4-2 (Network + Fifth edition)

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    First national banks' president congratulates you on successfully managing her network's addressing issues. She then shares the information that she's about to make an offer to buy Monroe's other banks, Metropolitan savings. She's worried that the two bank's network won't integrate easily. She isn't sire what kind of servers or workstations are used by the other bank, but the IT manager at Metropolitan savings mentioned somethings about a network that relies on the internet. He also mentioned that they use UNIX servers and Windows client. What kind can you tell First National Bank's president about integrating the two networks? What protocols would you recommend that she use or continue to use to facilitate the integration process?

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    Case Project 4-2

    As a Network/System administrator for that company, I would recommend that every single branch that the bank is going to have should migrate from IPv4 to IPv6 IP addresses. The reason behind it is that the ...

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