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Systems Implementation

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The Metropolitan Medical group (MMG) merged with the Oak Grove Medical Group (OGMG) . The Oak Grove Medical Group has four offices and owns the medical office building where their imaging and radiology lab and physical therapy and diagnostic laboratory center are located.

Although the size of staffs in both practices is about the same, OGMG has a very different financial structure. Not only are their receivables a lot higher, but the aging of their receivables is much older. This has caused them to miss payments to their vendors, resulting in a higher accounts payable balance. Further analysis revealed that some of the doctors from remote offices have referred patients for laboratory tests and to specialist outside the practice when these same tests or specialists are available internally at other offices.
The room that houses the network servers is not climate controlled, secure, or backed up off-site.

Question : Answer based on the Mini Case
1. What key performance indicators should the management of the practice monitor?
2. What are some of the project management implications for the integration of the practices?
3. After the system integration, how will you maintain data integrity throughout the system?
4. Identify critical success factors for the system integration of the two practices discussed in the mini case .

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These guidelines should give a starting point and some ideas on how to get started answering your questions.

Question: Answer based on the Mini Case

1. What key performance indicators should the management of the practice monitor?
You are being asked about performance indicators. Key performance indicators (KPI) are usually established during the project's design phase. Key stakeholders normally determine what the key points of the system are to business continuity. Since your case study does not mention anything about predefined performance goals you must look at key items that the practice will be running. You know that currently OGMG and MMG have different financial ...

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