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    Network Design Project Plan

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    Prepare a network design plan describing the goals of a network design project, assumptions, pros and cons of the proposed solutions, and project constraints.

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    Network Design Plan
    Goals: - The goal of network design project is to design a reliable, effective, secure and cost effective network for a given organization. The design solution would be based on the number of users and their location inside the network. It would also consider the applications that need to operate over the network, also the security protocols to be followed. We design the network for a University that has several departments and hostels as well as staff quarters. (Tanenbaum, 2004)
    Assumptions:- we have the following assumptions for the university
    • There are 10 departments and one central server room. The departments are close to each other and the central server room is approximately at the centre of all the departments.
    • There are 8 hostels located side by ...

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