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    Project Management-Preparing Plan

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    Require a Project plan for the following project (it doesn't need to be in ms project, word is fine). Including timelines, tasks and constraints. The project is a fictional business and idea that I needed to come up with and create a project plan, please allow any budget within the scope of the project that you feel is reasonable for the scenario

    I am very new to project management and need help with
    communication, forecasting, budgeting, employment, time and constraints, project planning & Risk management
    and some strong ideas to guide me in the right direction

    The Organization:

    Eurofins Scientific is a bioanalytical service provider. Simply translated, we are a group of laboratories that conduct testing of Food, Vitamin, Feed and Animal Health products. Eurofins does everything from testing for salmonella in chickens to creating the nutritional labels you see on the side of a can of corn. Eurofins Scientific is an international company with 5000 employees across 90 sites in 24 countries. , Eurofins has multiple locations in the US that need to stay connected at all times via the internet. Eurofins has 1 main Datacenter in the U.S. which is located in Des Moines, Iowa. All sites must maintain a secure network connection to this site (Des Moines - Thornton Office) in order to receive Email, Active Directory Updates, or to use the Verizon international WAN gateway to access France, Germany, China, Brussels, Ireland, or the U.K.

    The Problem:

    The current WAN infrastructure was design with only 1 network connection at each site. In the event of a hardware, software or circuit failure the labrartory is isolated from the rest of the organization. Approximately 85% of all results that are generated in a lab are reported to our customers via email. 10% of the results are faxed to customers using an internet fax server located in Des Moines. 100% of all logged transactions into are customer CRM system are replicated to servers in Des Moines and Nantes (France) on an hourly basis.

    In March 2007, ATT had a major circuit outage in Houston Tx. that caused our 2 offices in New Orleans to be offline for 3 days. This outage had major impacts on the day to day operations and our customers were very unhappy with not being able to receive there results in a timely fashion. Management decided to take action. Prior to this incident, Management believed that they did not have to put a lot of money into the network because, and I quote "as long as it works, why should we spend more money". This single incident was the eye opener.

    Managment expects that by adding redundant, low cost backup connections to each site, they can minimize the risk of repeating the outage.


    All programming of the new routers will be handled by Eurofins Scientific employees. No outside vendors will be used. All hardware must be Cisco compliant.

    The project timeframe is 10 months

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