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Network Design

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Outline the pros and cons of various network design techniques.

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In developing a plan for a data network, designers consider various techniques and factors that will suit the needs of the company, group or business and will accomplish the purpose of the network while utilizing the proper tools and effectively using the resources allotted to build it. Some of these network design techniques are: determining the transmission characteristics of the network, identifying the line facilities to be implemented, considering the network equipment needed, planning of the proper location of the network facilities, the multidrop line routing technique and network modeling techniques to size up the network. These techniques are implemented in developing a large network like a wide area network (WAN), but some of these can also be used to build a smaller type of network, like a local area network (LAN).

Proper planning involves the right design of the network infrastructure, from the physical equipment to the signaling types and networking standards to be used. Implementing the network design techniques has several advantages:
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