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Considerations of Organizations

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I need help with the following questions:

1. Based on the article by Elmeleegy et al. (2007), why have some researchers recommended redesigning the Ethernet networking technology from the ground up? Why do the authors propose a new solution?

2. Based on the article by Que et al. (2007), what technology limitation is the focus of the research? Why are the current solutions inadequate to address this limitation? What are two key constraints identified by the researchers that we might see in other network applications?

3. What are some considerations an organization should look at when moving from a traditional phone system to VoIP? Explain the impact on an organization when using VoIP.

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1. Based on the article by Elmeleegy et al. (2007), why have some researchers recommended redesigning the Ethernet networking technology from the ground up? Why do the authors propose a new solution?

Typically, Ethernet networking is self-healing when there is equipment failure or removal. Unlike Token Ring networking, Ethernet networking can continue to work if there is a failure within the network. However, there are situations that hamper in the loss of network-wide packet loss and congestion due to slow or damaged configuration of the spanning tree. Elmeleegy and his researchers have designed a new device, EtherFuse. EtherFuse has been designed to speed up the configuration of the spanning tree and prevent packet duplication. Another advantage to EtherFuse is that there are no required changes to the existing hardware or software.
The three types of IEEE standard Ethernet spanning tree protocols are:
STP (Spanning Tree Protocol): Each bridge maintains a single spanning tree, thus a long convergence time can reach up to 50 seconds.
RSTP (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol): Replaced the STP, bridges compute alternate spanning tree paths using redundant links. These alternate paths are used when the primary tree path fails.
MSTP ...

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Considerations of organizations are examined.

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