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Communication With Your Customers

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To build a sense of community, you have provided a mechanism on your business website where customers can communicate and post feedback. You review the communication daily to help understand customer issues and concerns. You log in and find the following anonymous posting: "I do not recommend visiting this business on Thursdays at 2:00 p.m. because the Children's Story Hour is taking place. I hate children, especially in a business. I'm not sure why this business encourages people to bring their children. In fact, I recommend that children should be banned from this business altogether." How would you respond to the above post? Is the customer's viewpoint ethical? How do you encourage an open line of communication with your customers and still maintain an open forum on your website?

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There would be a few options you could choose in this situation. The first option is to delete the negative comments from the feedback page. This would likely incite hostility between the customer who posted the feedback and management and is not recommended. You (management) could ignore the comments. While this is the option that many companies take, it creates an impression that the company either (1) doesn't read feedback, (2) isn't concerned ...

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This solution discusses the scenario described, involving responding to negative feedback on a company's website as the business owner. Solution includes 2 references.

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