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    Service Operations & Systems

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    In 200 words each, can someone explain each of these?

    1. Provide and explain an example that supports this statement: "Service operations strategy is the final strategic frontier."

    2. Discuss the challenge in managing complexity and variability in support processes associated with service systems design.

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    1. Service operations strategy is the final strategic frontier. Service operations strategy refers to how strategic decision is made in an organization strategy. Service operations strategy is used to enhance competitive position in the marketplace through building of resources that provide service or positioning (1). Some firms develop service operations strategy for creating a service delivery system that matches customer expectations with customer perceptions. However, there are firms that use service operations strategy to increase differentiation or achieve cost leadership. There are several structural and infrastructural decisions that are required to determine service operations strategy. For developing an service operations strategy, the firm must determine its strategic positioning by identifying its target market. Next at the service strategy level the firm must define its service concept operating system and service delivery system ...

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