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    Article: Change in Healthcare

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    Federal, state, and local health care policies are continually instituted or amended to address emerging issues and trends and to rectify problems in health care delivery. For instance, reform may be required to address cost containment challenges or disparities in access to health care services.

    Identify an issue currently in the news that relates to federal, state, or local reform.

    Research the issue in a variety of news sources, such as government sites (e.g., the National Institutes of Health and the National Institute of Mental Health) and online newspapers. Do not use blogs or other informal sources.

    Select one article on which to focus for this Discussion.

    Reflect on the information in the article/news item and consider how it relates to your understanding of the U.S. health care delivery system.

    Analyze the social, economic, and political circumstances surrounding this instance of health care reform, and evaluate what this development might mean for your work in health care administration.

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    The selected article is:
    Instead of ObamaCare: Giving Health-Care Power to the People, LANHEE J. CHEN and JAMES C. CAPRETTA, The Wall Street Journal, Jan 24, 2006.

    The information in the article item says that the Affordable Care Act can be replaced by the next president and a new law can focus more on consumer choice. My understanding of Obamacare is positive. The new health insurance marketplaces allow shoppers to compare coverages and add benefit, rights, & protections. Obamacare provides cost assistance, expands Medicaid eligibility, and allows no annual/lifetime limits on healthcare. No denial of coverage is allowed, compulsory coverage by large employers, and the charges cannot be raised based on health status. In my opinion there are several positive points in Obamacare.
    The article, however, says that Obamacare has forced customers to buy costly insurance plans, has restricted access to physicians, ...

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