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    Evaluation of Healthcare Reform

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    This article provides keen insight into the ramifications of the Obama healthcare plan, as well as the shortcomings in fulfilling the promises that most Americans relied upon, that increased their hopes that the changes that were necessary for this country would come into fruition. This article starts out by settinng the stage as to the immense expectations that Americans had in reference to the election of Obama as president of the United States, as well as the paradigm changes that most Americans thought would take place upon the individual's election. It also points out that although history was made by the election of the first African-American president, and this in and of itself was groundbreaking for our nation, there was a greater level of expectation for dynamic incremental changes that were needed in order to make this nation much more fulfilling of its promise of prosperity and the pursuit of happiness for all individuals that are willing to work hard in the pursuit of their dreams. This article exposes fact that there were tremendous social problems that were rampant across this nation before the election of Obama, and that there were hopes that these social problems would indeed be taken care of with the election of President Obama, and the support of the people. In addition, this article alludes to the economic and political situation that existed in this country before Obama's election, and the promises made by Obama and his administration to bring about a very important paradigm change that would seek to remedy these economic and political problems that ravage our nation. But this article also makes it readily apparent that the hope and promise that was inspired by the Obama movement, were soon to be counteracted by an equally aggressive and powerful movement by the rich and powerful individuals of this nation. According to the information provided within this article, the hope and optimism that was brought about by the Obama administration, was soon to be matched by a very powerful movement by the wealthier class of this nation, to stop any legislation or actions by the Obama administration that would hinder their ability to maintain their wealth within the nation, and to increase their wealth and influence. So this article alludes to the point that it should not be very surprising to Americans that there doesn't seem to be the completion of any of the changes that were promised by the Obama administration during the time that he was campaigning for the office of President of the United States, and that years after his presidency, there doesn't seem to be a tremendous paradigm change that have resulted in the increasing prosperity of the American people.

    This article alludes to the fact that the rich and powerful individuals within this nation have such a powerful capability to influence the Congress and other areas of the government, that it will be very difficult for Obama or any other president to implement the changes that he would like to, in order to help the people of this nation. The overwhelming power of the wealthy elite within this nation, is exacerbated by their ability to financially influence the decisions of the members of the Congress and Senate of this nation, which usually takes the form of campaign contributions that help many of these individuals to run for office, and requires that these individuals appease their constituents in order to maintain their ...