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    HR director in a health care setting

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    You are the newly hired HR director in a health care facility that employs 1000 workers. The majority are direct patient care workers, but of course there are ancillary workers as well. You build the scenario from here, stating where you are located, the resources you have to do your job, and after providing that information.

    1.What are the five major health care HR issues you see occurring within the next ten years?
    2.How will you address these issues in order to help your system remain viable?
    3.How will you reduce the bureaucracy that is often created by HR departments?
    4.What five suggestions will you make to administration concerning ways to promote retention in the health system?
    5.What is some advice you could give to a new health care HR director?

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    In able to explain the possible upcoming challenges in health care and how it will impact the HR department I created a possible scenario with a marginal community hospital. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.
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    These past years have been characterized by continuing changes due to the economic downfall in the nation. The health care system has been one of the few sectors to survive relatively intact the depression and continuous to show job growth. This may become more apparent if the new healthcare reform bill passes. It is expected that the new health reform bill will most probably insure another 30 million Americans (Commins, 2010, January 4). As a director of a small marginal hospital and first stop for triage in this area, I would need to foresee the possible needs for more staff and increase capacity necessary to absorb the new demand of health care. A necessary demographical study with the potential impact of the health care reform bill in the area will provide an insight of the possible impact to this hospital and the preparations that need to be in place.

    The implementation of electronic medical records will require a change in the health care culture. It will also create a need for qualified health IT workers. Up to now, the hospital has been using paper base documents. In able to continue receiving federal funds, the hospital has to change to electronic health records. This will require to set aside training time for the employees and seminars to understand the use and policies regarding electronic health records.
    These IT workers are not going to be the usual IT people since they will have to be trained in federal requirements of the electronic health information system including meaningful use of health IT. The newly formed Office of the National Coordinator for Health Improvement Technology and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are in process of establishing the policies, rules, reports, advisories, or other ...

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    The solution involves a deep analysis of the new coming changes in the health care environment brought by the new health care reform. Specific examples are given through a possible scenario that describes how it could affect a director of a small marginal hospital and first stop for triage in that area.