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    Using small groups in health promotion programming

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    Imagine that you work with children with special needs and are tasked with developing a health promotion program/initiative there. Explain what they initiative would be (ex. Childhood obesity prevention) and how you would use small group communication to enhance your health promotion efforts.

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    WHO: ABC Community Center is offering "Healthy You!" for kids 7-9 years of age

    WHAT: Friday Fitness Fun (class)

    WHEN: Weekly classes at noon (healthy snack included!)

    WHERE: Gym, ABC, 123 Lane

    WHY: Learn about fitness, tasty and healthy menu choices and have fun!

    HOW: Come prepared to move and eat a healthy snack

    Students will enter the gym and have a brief instructional lesson, with large activity cards, including visuals. Next, with age-appropriate ...

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    A sample fitness program is provided.