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    Marketing Opps for Consumer Segments

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    Identify any one consumer segment that represents a potential marketing opportunity. Create a PowerPoint presentation describing this segment in terms of its demographics and psychographics.

    In your presentation, explain your rationale for selecting this consumer segment as a marketing opportunity. Also, discuss the reasons you think your chosen segment has so far been neglected.

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    I can't actually do the assignment for you, but I will provide you with all necessary info to make the powerpoint presentation yourself

    I would call the title of the presentation: An Untapped Segment

    Intro slides:

    This would be best to describe segmentation

    - The general population is too large and too varied in their tastes needs and habits for a marketer to try to sell their product to everyone
    - If you look at individuals in the population, you will see that groups emerge based on common interests or characteristics
    - These groups can be called segments of the population. The more specific segment you can get, the better you can tailor your marketing plan to them.

    ex - one general segment would be all females. This is still to general since there are still millions of females in north america. Some are rich. Some are poor. All have different interests. This would not work

    However, the more specific characteristics you can get, the more defined your segment can become. An example of a specific segment would be women aged 18-25 who are studying psychology at an ivy league university. These people will tend to act and behave similarly and have common tastes, so a marketing plan might interest these individuals.

    An untapped segment:

    Currently, there is a lot of info and research on baby boomers - the generation of people born after ww2. This would not be a neglected ...

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    Marketing opportunity for consumer segments are analyzed. The rationale for selecting this consumer segment as a marketing opportunity is explained.