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Promotion Strategies: Exercise Equipment and Airline Flights

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What do you think would be an appropriate promotions strategy for both exercise equipment and airline flights? In doing so compare and contrast the two promotions strategies explaining why you think they would be similar or different. Illustrate by referring to specific brands within each of the two product categories.

Four factors are fundamental to the development of a promotions strategy:
1. Segmentation - dividing the marketing into distinct groups
2. Targeting - deciding which of these groups to communicate with, and how to talk to them
3. Positioning - determining how you would like the product or brand to be perceived by the target groups
4. Messaging - delivering a specific message in order to influence the target groups.

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An appropriate promotions strategy for exercise equipment and airline flights will be different. They will be so because the market segments, target markets, positioning, and messaging will be different for both. We first consider exercise equipment; the segments that will be targeted for exercise equipment will be consumers who are health and fitness conscious. These people actively search for methods and means of improving their health and keeping physically fit. From the psychographic perspective, the segment for exercise equipment will have persons who have interests in physical activity, building and maintaining a good body, and improving fitness. From the perspective of benefits, the target segment for exercise equipment will be those who wish to have good health and physique. Other benefits of the target segment can be persons who have been prescribed exercise by their doctors.

From another perspective, exercise equipment targets two segments. One is the commercial segment and the other is home fitness equipment. For example, these segments are targeted by Precor. This is a brand from Amer Sport. One company that targets person who require a cardio workout is Life Fitness. The positioning for exercise equipment can be different. The brand can be high end or premium equipment. For example, Preor is a high end brand. Cybex international also makes premium exercise equipment. The message also differs from product to product. The message related to exercise equipment can be fitness, cardio vascular fitness, physical fitness, or a beautiful body. Each brand has a different message. For example, Star Trac targets only the commercial segment in cardiovascular, total body, and strength training fitness equipment. The message for the exercise equipment will convey the strength of the brand, the positioning it wants ...

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