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Nutrition & Sports Performance

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What role do you believe nutrition plays in the life of an athlete? Are good training habits enough to overcome poor nutrition? Is good nutrition enough to overcome poor training habits?

Identify a sport. What types of factors should be considered when developing an individualized sports nutrition plan for athletes?

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Nutrition plays a huge role in the life of an athlete. It supplies the fuel that dictates the level of performance possible. Consider Ryan Lochte- he famously boasted of living on McDonald's (2008). The New York Times reported (Aug 18, 2010) "Bowman, the coach of Lochte's longtime rival, Michael Phelps, recalled on Wednesday thinking then that if Lochte ever gave up his fast-food diet, "we could be in trouble."' Lochte and Phelps went head to head in the 2012, after Lochte changed his ...

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This solution discusses the importance of nutrition on sports performance, and if good nutrition can overcome poor training and vice versa. Includes examples. Also discusses factors to consider when creating an individualized sports nutrition plan.

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