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    Protein and Amino Acids: The Importance of Supplements

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    Provide a list of high quality protein sources for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for your case for the Long Distance Runner athlete. Describe why they are considered high quality proteins.

    What role does protein play in your athlete's ability to prepare for or recover from workouts and/or competitions? Is there research to support your answer?

    Are individual amino acids recommended for participants in your case study athlete's sport? What is the premise behind individual amino acid supplementation?

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    High quality protein sources: cheese, milk, egg, turkey, chicken, fish, lean meat, nuts, yogurt, cottage cheese. These items are considered high quality protein based upon their ability "to provide nitrogen and amino acid requirements for growth, maintenance and repair" (Williams, 2010). The quality of protein is based upon how easy the protein is to digest and the amount of amino acids (keep in mind that all natural unprocessed animal and plant foods contain all 20 amino acids). Protein is rated, based on its protein digestibility and the amount of each amino acid, on a Protein Digestibility-Corrected Amino Acid Score. The ability for the item to maintain ...

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    This detailed solution with APA formatted references provides a list of high quality protein, why some protein are considered high quality, role of protein in athlete's ability to recover, compete, and if it makes sense to supplement amino acids and why.