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Overweight, Obesity, and Nutrition

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1) Do you find it easy or difficult to determine the nutritional value of food? What are some methods to help you more easily determine the nutritional values of food?

2) What environmental, economic, and psychosocial factors influence people food and drink choices today?

3) Explain the primary functions of the six classes of nutrients and their roles in maintaining long-term health.

4) Define overweight and obesity, describe the current epidemic of overweight/obesity in the United States.

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Most food we eat in the modern world is scrutinized by agencies, health policies and guidelines. In the United States food that comes in a package has nutritional labeling. It is easy to look on the strip that shows various nutritional features such as calories, sodium, etc. Most food companies also have nutritional information online. Many restaurants have nutritional information available upon request, especially big companies like McDonald's and other corporate establishments.

Environmental, economic, and psychosocial factors influence food and drink choices and decisions are often related to obligations. Weddings, funerals, parties and holidays traditionally have food and often beverage-drinking traditions associated with the occasion. While regional or ...

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This solution discusses obesity and issues revolving around those who are overweight and nutritional features are discussed.