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    Obesity in America and fast food influences

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    Are fast food restaurants responsible for obesity in America? Although McDonald has denied that high profile news items played a role in the decision to remove large-sized fries and drinks, do you think movies and lawsuits can be use to bring pressure? Is this an appropriate way to bring about change?

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    As you contextualize what role do fast food restaurants play in the rising rates of obesity in industrialized countries worldwide, I personally feel that they have a moral and ethical obligation to offer an array of foods to combat obesity, not just lure consumers with greasy and fat laden products. Mc Donalds and other chains should be more family and health friendly, not merely money mongers. How do you feel?

    If you need research to validate, one study links responsibility to restaurants since the proximity to fast food increases consumers' chances and risks for obesity. This study shows that "proximity to a fast food restaurant significantly increases the risk of obesity. For children, having a fast food restaurant within 0.10 miles of school increases the probability of obesity by 1.7 percentage points, or 5.2 percent. Interestingly, ...

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    Obesity in America is debated in terms of its fast food influences. References are given.