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    Culture in America vs. Underdeveloped Countries

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    How has international culture led to health disparities in underdeveloped countries? For example, the introduction of fast food globally leading to diabetes, etc. This is an example of American culture spreading to other nations and now impacting underdeveloped countries. Thank you for your guidance.

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    While most people are familiar with the epidemic of obesity in the United States, it may not be quite as apparent in developing nations however, with more than one billion overweight adults globally, and more than 300 million of them obese, 115 million live in developing countries (World Health Organization 2000) This is a significant increase, up from virtually none two generations ago and every indication suggests that this number will continue to grow rapidly and maybe significantly influenced by western culture.

    The reason we are beginning to see an increase in obesity in developing countries is two-fold, ...

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    The expert examines the culture in America versus the underdeveloped countries.