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    Role of Recess in Schools

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    There is both support for and opposition to recess. List and discuss two or three viewpoints on both sides of the issue. What is your opinion?


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    Pro recess:
    People need breaks. Students learn better and fidget less when they are allowed to expend energy. If students don't have a free time outlet, teachers will lose instructional time trying to calm antsy kids.

    Recess promotes social skills. By having unstructured interaction, students learn how to relate to others in ways that they wouldn't be able to if they always had adult direction.

    With the increase in childhood obesity, children need additional opportunities for physical movement - even if that movement is just walking around a playground or chatting in different positions underneath a tree.

    Anti recess:
    Recess wastes valuable classroom time. ...

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    This provides several arguments both for and against recess in schools.