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    Education: Value and Purpose

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    What do you believe is the overall purpose of education? Why do schools exist?

    Which of the classic educational philosophies and philosophers are the closest match for you and why? Be specific.

    What is the role of education in society?

    What is your role as the teacher? Discuss the most important responsibilities of a teacher. Describe how to best prepare prospective teachers.

    What is the role of the student? Are students intrinsically motivated to learn?

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    The first question is interesting because, depending on how you view it, there could be several purposes for education. For an individual person, education is a means to learn in order to pursue one's goals in life and be able to contribute back to society. For a country, education will promote the values and norms of the society (which, of course, will be different depending on where the country is located). For example, a communist country will teach their students different values and norms than a democracy would. For an educator, education is a way for a student to develop a set of skills, knowledge, and beliefs. If you include your own personal views with these basics, this question will be complete.

    The second question is asking why schools exist. In my opinion, schools exist to educate a society in a uniform way and nurture students social and intellectually they can become productive members of society. This means that they develop a set way to teach students (a curriculum) at the same pace and according to the norms of society so that someday, students can be integrated into society and function as citizens. Schools are also ...

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    Education: Value and Purpose