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Philosophy and education and careers

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Looking for a reader's digest version for the questions below in order to me understand and prepare for a future paper.

How does philosophy affect a relationship in terms of education and career?

What value does philosophy have?

How can people benefit from thinking more philosophically?

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This seemed to be totally open ended. Of course, it's my opinion. Take it, refashion it, and stamp your own image on it.

How does philosophy affect a relationship in terms of education and career?

In terms of education, philosophy is essential. It proceeds from a rigorous analysis of concepts as they are contextualized in history. It's purpose is truth. Without it, there is no use for philosophy. Therefore, when one destroys commonly held beliefs as false, the speaker, however correct, is never popular. Put differently, the purpose of philosophy is to grasp the origin and foundation of being. If x causes y, then there must be a third thing that unites them. Continue on this, and you reach a point where the cosmos is a whole, an organic being.

Philosophy does nothing for your career. A philosophy professor in American universities is a contradiction in terms. Conformity, liberalism and a generally cliched view of life is the norm. They often don't realize it, but the likes of Plato or Schopenhauer had them in their ...

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