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Criteria in Resolving Ethical Dilemmas in Business

What are the most important criteria to consider in resolving ethical dilemmas in business? Explain your rationale and provide examples of how you would respond to ethical dilemmas using these criteria.

Explain how your standards would be effective in a global environment and create a personal code of ethics that you can live with in any work environment

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The most important criteria for resolving ethical dilemmas in business is what I would constitute as "doing the right thing". There are laws and regulations to ensure that businesses themselves do not take advantage of its constituency but still today we see situations such as Enron. Leadership within an organization must treat its employees and those that they serve (customers) as they themselves would want to be treated. While this might seem intuitive at first, the fact of the matter is that this does not take place very often. In most instances, the bottom line (dollars) is the driving figure that dictates the decision making process within organizations and not simply doing the right thing.

With regards to a personal code of ethics, my code cannot be outlined in the acronym of PRIDE.

In order to effectively lead an organization, I believe one ...

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This solution of 564 words provides a criteria to resolve ethical dilemmas in business using the PRIDE personal code of ethics.