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    Ethical Issues in the Corporate Environment

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    Assume that you are a manager within a corporate environment, and you are presented with an ethical dilemma. Suggest viable approaches to resolving the dilemma. Rate your comfort level with dealing with ethical issues. Provide one (1) example that supports your approach.
    •Suggest the most significant challenge that entrepreneurs may encounter when growing a business. Recommend one (1) strategy that entrepreneurs could use either to manage or minimize the suggested challenge. Provide support for your recommendation.

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    // Unethical behavior in the workplace has contributed to high cynicism. Managers face ethical issues that are not easily solved as the managers are not trained in ethics. We further look into the dilemmas faced by the manager and the approaches used by the manager in order to resolve the issue. //

    One of the various responsibilities of a manager is to make ethical decisions that mainly include spotting the ethical issue and understanding the effect of the action and decision on others. Managers play an important role in conveying the existing laws and code of ethics to the employees. The company policy must also be clarified thoroughly with notifications ...

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