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Building a Regression Model as a Screening Tool

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You are on the admissions board of a university, in charge of creating a screening process that will predict academic success (university grade point average (GPA)) for newly entering freshman. At your disposal is a variety of data from hundreds of current university students including:

- High School GPA
- SAT score (from high school)
- ACT score (from high school)
- Socio-economic status
- Freshman and sophomore university cumulative GPA
- Parents' education
- Intelligence Quotient

Describe how you would build a regression model that could be used as a screening tool, with mention of the high correlation (colinearity) between SAT and ACT, and possibly IQ.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 445 words with references.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 445 words with references.
//In this paragraph, we will discuss the regression model in term of its development and relevancy for taking rational decision. There will also be a description of the regression model for screening tool for selection of students considering all the required criteria.//

Development of the regression model requires knowledge of concerned variables before constructing the model. The dependent variable is the outcome of the regression equation that is wholly depending upon the independent variables. The independent variables have different weights in the form of correlation in the regression model to predict dependent variable. Let Xi denote an independent variable and Y is a dependent value ...

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