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Compulsive hoarding

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Select a non-drug-related compulsive behavior that interests you.
-Discuss the possible causes for this compulsive behavior.
-Describe at least one model and approach to treating this addictive behavior.
-Describe a screening and assessment tool you would use for this disorder.

A short answer in 300 words.

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As you search for a non-drug-related compulsive behavior that interests you, I am intrigued by the issue of compulsive hoarding. One article clearly defines and characterizes it:

When keeping stuff gets out of hand. (2011). Harvard Women's Health Watch, 19(3), 4.

It is seen as a problem "of acquiring and compiling objects in large quantities, making the normal use of home impossible or dangerous." Symptoms include strong urges to save things, "and feeling ...

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References are briefly integrated to define compulsive hoarding.

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Define Compulsive Hoarding

These questions are addressed briefly:
1. What interested you to read up on Compulsive Hoarding?
2. Describe at least one key fact you learned about the disorder (such as misconceptions, suspected cause and risk factors).
3. What most surprised you when reading about this condition? Was there anything you already knew to be factual about this disorder?
4. How did learning about this disorder change your attitude/reactions about people affected by compulsive hording?

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