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Compulsive hoarding

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Select a non-drug-related compulsive behavior that interests you.
-Discuss the possible causes for this compulsive behavior.
-Describe at least one model and approach to treating this addictive behavior.
-Describe a screening and assessment tool you would use for this disorder.

A short answer in 300 words.

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References are briefly integrated to define compulsive hoarding.

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As you search for a non-drug-related compulsive behavior that interests you, I am intrigued by the issue of compulsive hoarding. One article clearly defines and characterizes it:

When keeping stuff gets out of hand. (2011). Harvard Women's Health Watch, 19(3), 4.

It is seen as a problem "of acquiring and compiling objects in large quantities, making the normal use of home impossible or dangerous." Symptoms include strong urges to save things, "and feeling ...

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