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    Abnormal Psychology Popular Culture

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    Need assistance with Introduction and organizing. I can not seem to keep structure when writing. Is there a order that I need to follow here?
    Discuss the treatment of abnormal behavior in popular culture.

    Choose a reality based television show that depicts abnormal psychology. Examples include, but are not limited to Intervention, Hoarders, The OCD Project, and What's Eating You. Note: examples are not limited to American television.

    Depending on your selection, address the following:
    1. Describe tolerance and withdrawal.
    2. Analyze various types of impulse behaviors.
    3. Evaluate the effectiveness of the proscribed treatment methods.
    4. Analyze and reflect upon your thoughts, action, or emotional reactions to the program.

    APA format is required. Please provide all references and sources.

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    "Hoarders" is characterized as a disease that is based on symptomatic obsessions and uncontrollable impulses (Hoarders). The television series profiles individuals who have allowed their obsession to keep possessions to the point they are uncontrollable. For instance, the "Hoarders" profiles the lives of individuals, who compulsively collect (hoard), and or keep unneeded things (Hoarders). Hoarders may allow items such as clothes, food, pictures etc. to pile up to the degree it becomes a crisis of unhealthy living, and often signals a need for help.

    For example, based on one episode of a Hoarder's story, individuals are being buried alive under garbage that has overtaken the family's home. Based on the episode "Prison of Garbage", Deborah began hoarding because of a personal tragedy that too place in their lives. According to the story, Deborah killed her boyfriend, in self-defense; and since then they have been living in piles of trash and amid unused possessions building up in their home. The story does not reveal why Mary, who later bought Deborah' home is also a hoarder, except to say that she too began hoarding as a result of a personal tragedy. Like Deborah, she is living among unused items that have become infested with bugs, filth and dirt.

    The ...

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